Tuesday, March 29, 2011


aah I missed writing.. hahahah
kemaren ngeliat di fb ada trending topic judulnya #100factsaboutme tiba tiba kepikiran kayanya seru juga bikin kaya gitu.. akhirnya semalem gw mencoba.. tapi ternyata hanya mampu sampai 20.. huhuhuhu yaah sudahlah.. siapa tau abis ini nambah lagi.. :D


1. I hate fish :p

2. I'm 18 and I still write my diary almost every night.

3. I am a daydreamer :D

4. When I was a kid, I always want to be an astronaut :)

5. I can be a very nice but at the same time a very rude person.

6. I <3 Chocolate! nyumm.. :)

7. I really want to have my own house in a seaside.

8. "I heart you" is not that bad.. I admit it..

9. I love the one that love to sing me a song :)

10. I love playing around with my imagination.

11. I think it's better to stay at home than going to school, even though only at school I can meet my friends :p

12. I love beach! :D

13. My favorite animals : cows, dogs, hamster, rabbit, baby pandas! (aah mom! I wanna keep panda as my pet! may I ?? pleasee.. )

14. I think I can sing.. hahahah

15. When I get stressed I usually eat much more than usual! (fat fat fat uugh! )

16. I can pretend that I'm alright when actually I'm not.

17. I am single and I never been in a relationship.. *shy*

18. I am a super careless girl, until week before I can only use foundation powder and lipgloss.. hihihihi

19. When the night comes I'm awake but when the sun is shinning brightly I fall asleep.. like a vampire.. afraid of the sun.. hahha

20. I choose graphic design as my major in university because I don't want to meet mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology ever again! see yaa! hahaha

ok I'm done! that's my #20factsaboutme :) what about you? :D

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