Saturday, April 27, 2013

이루 오빠 사랑해요!

aaahh it's been so long since my last post.. there's so much things i need to tell you!
gw berasa benar-benar beruntung berapa bulan terakhir ini! gimana ngga, setelah nonton konser Bigbang Alive Tour oktober tahun lalu, akhir tahun gw dapet tiket gratis nonton 2PM! aahh feels like a dream came true! I will finally see them, and it's totally free! maaannnn i need to save for months and months too see my bias, but with a free ticket, i can save for another important stuff. hahhaah

my luck hasn't stop after seeing 2PM's concert, i got another free ticket to watch another k-pop concert! this time it's Eru's concert on Saturday, April 20th 2013, I got 2 free ticket from dmarket. at first I wasn't sure what will I do with the ticket, as I didn't know who Eru is. The only artist I knew in that concert is Ailee, she is a female singer that has a superb voice. i like her so much.

finally, because I didn't want to waste the ticket, I came to his concert with one of my friend. pertamanya gw ngerasa super bosaan, as you know he is not that popular in Indonesia, he is not like the other kpop groups, so there's only a few banner and not a significant amount of light stick. the crowds were so quiet. Di lagu-lagu awal karena gw ngga tau lagunya, gw ngantuk banget (true story, you can ask my friend anyway. sorry oppa). And then when Ailee unni came to the stage. the crowds cheer for her. At that time I started to feel sorry for Eru oppa, that's still his concert anyway, his first solo concert in Jakarta. Sejak itu, gw mulai perhatian sama Eru-nya. and oh my gosh he's so handsome. so much more handsome than i tought. He has a wonderful voice, and I enjoyed the rest of the show.

As like "many" other concerts that I've watched, I have my own favorite part. And my favorite part here is.. when he gave a letter through the screen for his fans. The letter was very heart-touching, I almost cried on my spot. After that he gave the fans his last speech for that night. It's so sad. Until now I can't find any fancam for that letter. but i did find his last speech that night :
 Thank you.. terima kasih..
You know, I don't know what to say.
You see that video clip *pointing his MV in the opening of Kemesraan*
That's what I am, That's my true.

I can't expect any cheers from you guys, 'cos I'm not an idol group, I'm not a boy band..
I'm just a normal ballad singer.

but.... a.. *he cries* (i do) a.. hmm.. *clear his throat*

You know.. 
You guys ain't believe, I was having a hard time in Korea, 
but after I put myself in Jakarta, I had a courage.

You know..
You guys give me power.............. to sing! 
*He puts the "to sing" in a low tone, soft, and clear, and fast!*

And so..
I really Thank you.
Thank you Indonesia,
Thank you Jakarta,
Thank you Korea.
And I LOVE YOU.... *with another soft and calm voices of him*

*black glasses playing* the rest is tears falling all over his face, no need to translate anything. Just look into his eyes, and you will know what's in his heart.
cr : @AsaLee_

That's a totally heart-touching moment. Many of his fans cried along with him. the word "Uljima"(don't cry) seems not good enough to stop his tears. And as for me, I've fallen for him since that night.

In my opinion, He is a great singer. He has everything he needs. He has an awesome voice, a handsome face, a great appearance, and he is still down to earth. How many idols can say they're not expecting for cheers? He is just perfect. I'm officially one of his fans now.

ERU Fanmeeting Tuesday, April 23rd 2013

Two days passing by so fast.
Monday, April 22nd 2013 5:30PM, I got another surprise from God. I got an invitation to Eru's fanmeeting from tabloid Gaul! I was so surprised. I couldn't even thinking of anything. I'm so lucky!
That night long the only thing I thought about was him. what would I say if I met him in person, though I didn't know what would happen the next day. My heart beats fast all night long.

The next day, the day of the fanmeeting, actually I didn't expect much, not because I don't like him, but because I am his new fans, I didn't know anything about him. I got the invitation was already great enough,  what else did I expect?

Sampai akhirnya ketemu langsung sama si Prince of Ballad ini! OMG HE IS TOTALLY CHARMING! Dia ganteng! Dia ramah banget sama fansnya! Dia demen banget senyum. Suaranya lembut tapi dalem banget, bikin pengen liatin dan dengerin dia terus.
dan yang paling asik adalaahhh.. fanmeeting itu cuma diikuti 25 orang fansnya dia. jadi jarak fans sama dia bener-bener deket! kapan lagi bisa sedeket itu! udah gitu kita free buat foto-foto dia sebanyak yang kita mau!

His First Appearance! Perfect!

During the Q and A part
I love his Smile! :)

Eru's Papa (that's how he called himself) Tae Jin Ah Ahjussi!
Setelah selesai sesi tanya jawab, it's time for games! At first I wasn't really interested in games, but again It's my luck I was chosen to play games with him! aaaaaa *screaming*
Do you know what kind of game? Eru oppa and I need to stare each other as long as we can, the first one blinking, lose! *screaming again* aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

The Best Moment with Him

I was so nervous. I didn't know what to say. When the game started, I just stared at his eyes closely. He was so close to me. The distance between our faces was not even 30cm away! Just imagine, how many girls could do what I did? He kept on teasing me as we're staring at each other. He's trying to win but he lose. hahhah I did it! I beat him! I didn't know what he's thinking about me, but he kept laughing happily. I can still remember his face right now, a perfect face with a beautiful light brown eyes. Oh My God, I wanna cry each time I remember him. I'm so happy. I wish our faces could be closer, I wish I could ask him many things when we're staring at each other, I wish I could hug him, and I wish I could touch his face! But in fact, I could only saw him, staring at him blankly. aaaaaa He hypnotized me. T_T

Look How Happy He Is!

Even though I have so many regrets, but still I am so lucky. Just thinking about how many of his fans can only see him on screen? Now I have so much memories about him. They're beautiful and I will keep them in my heart forever. Thanks God :* I Love You! 이루 오빠 감사해요! 이루 오빠 사랑해요!
I gave him this bear, to remind him about Jakarta. I hope he likes it.

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